Woven Brass Tea Strainer

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Delicately hand-woven from an alloy of copper and zinc, our pure brass tea strainers are lightly balanced and durable, and add substance and grace to the experience of brewing an individual cup or pouring with your favourite pot. Brass is decorative, durable, and has been understood in traditional medicine to possess a variety of health-boosting properties, such as retention of nutrients, improving the general condition of the skin, and aiding immunity.


Using this beautiful brass tea strainer as part of your tea making practice can deepen and enhance your experience of mindfulness and sense of ritual. We believe strongly in the power of unity between form and function, and this strainer follows this principle in helping to make not only the most delicious and nourishing cup of tea but an enriching experience in the making of it.



Hand-woven in India from pure copper-and-zinc alloy brass



Strainers can be used with your preferred teas and teaware, and we recommend washing with warm water and drying after use



This product is designed for long-lasting use, and over  time the colour of the brass will naturally deepen with age



Height 2cm x width 5.5cm x length 16cm; weight 24g



After enjoying your tea, please help us to protect the planet by composting your steeped herbs and cleaning your teaware using environmentally responsible products