Copper Milk Warming Jug & Chai Pot

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Copper is a naturally ideal material for heating the liquids humans consume in our everyday lives, and has been used in our homes since ancient times. These copper milk warmers are designed for stovetop use and will readily heat and keep warm plant or animal milks and other liquids.


Our milk warmer is large enough to heat several cups but not so big that it overwhelms an individual indulgence. The warmer is easy and efficient to use and an authentic means of preparing Chai and Cacao beverages according to tradition.


With its polished beaten copper exterior and elevated brass handle, this Copper Milk Warmer is a beautiful and functional addition to the kitchen.



Hand-crafted in India from 100% copper with a pure brass handle



Copper’s natural conductivity and antibacterial properties make it an ideal material for food preparation. Our copper milk warmer is safe for use on gas and electric stovetops. We recommend washing and drying the milk warmer by hand after use to properly maintain the integrity of the metal



With proper care this product will offer long-term use. As a handmade object, each copper milk warmer will contain individual variations of crafting and these characteristics may intensify over time. With use, copper will naturally deepen in colour and develop a patina, enriching the appearance of the milk warmer but not affecting efficiency or taste.



Height 15cm x width 10cm x length 16cm

Weight 180g



Please help us to protect the planet by cleaning and taking care of your copperware using environmentally sustainable products