Super Cacao Dust - Energising Matcha, Green Tea & Yerba Mate

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Super Dust

Energy + Metabolic Tonic


Award winning Super Dust was formulated by Organic Merchant founder and naturopath Chalimah Jeanne, drawing on the wisdom of ancient Western, Chinese, Peruvian and Ayurvedic medicine and with energy and stamina in mind. Using the antioxidant power of Matcha and Yerba Mate, Super Dust helps promotes peak physical performance and mental endurance.


100% ACO Certified Organic

Ingredients: Raw Cacao, Peppermint, Matcha, Yerba Mate, Mesquite, Stevia, Himalayan Pink Salt



  • Because Matcha is made from ground-up green tea you’re getting a higher concentration of the leaves’ nutrients when you consume it.
  • Green tea contains a type of antioxidant called catechins and polyphenols which can help reduce cell damage and prevent chronic disease.
  • Matcha also contains a variety of vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, E, and K.
  • Green tea contains the most caffeine out of all tea types giving you an energy boost however the L-theanine properties help to reduce stress so people who drink Matcha experience a smooth alertness when compared to drinking coffee.
  • Yerba Mate is known to relieve fatigue, aid in weight loss, ease depression, and help treat headaches and various other conditions.
  • The best known health benefits of drinking Yerba Mate are increased energy and enhanced mental clarity, alertness, focus, and concentration.



  1. Use 1-2 tsp per cup, depending on how chocolatey you like it.
  2. Add a sip of hot water, then stir to make a paste. This way you avoid chocolate lumps in your cup.
  3. Fill up with your choice of hot milk.

We recommend using oat milk and adding a splash of honey!


Our raw cacao powders are great for baking, desserts and smoothies. Simply substitute any recipe including cocoa powder with our Organic Merchant cacao blends.


For best storage conditions, keep the canister in a dry, cool location with the lid fully sealed.


This product is NOT a dietary supplement.
Not intended to diagnose in any way. For treatment consult a healthcare professional.