Paper Pot Press - Seedling Pot Maker

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We all want to cut down on plastic and as gardeners we have a chance to do our bit using this clever little pot maker from Creamore Mill. It's an ingenious tool for making biodegradable pots from torn newspaper.

How to use:

  1. Cut strips of newspaper about 16cm wide and 40cm long
  2. Fold strip in half along its length
  3. Roll the strip around the press with the folded edge at the top of the cylinder (paper will overhang the bottom of the press)
  4. Holding the rolled paper, scrunch the bottom edge and tuck it inwards under the press
  5. Align with the base of the press. Push down firmly with a twist to crimp the paper pot base.
  6. Slide the pot off the press.
  7. Rest the pots in trays of damp compost. This ensures the paper always remains moist, allowing roots to grow through the sides.
  8. Feel fantastic knowing that you've created your very own plastic-free eco pot from leftover newspaper.

When the seedlings are mature enough, plant complete with with the pot into the ground.

Made in England from fsc wood and packaged in a simple cardboard box.