Marseille Liquid Soap in Glass Bottle - Panier des Sens

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An unchanged ancestral formula, cooked in cauldron in the purest tradition of the Marseille master soap makers. This rejuvenating Hand & Body Wash gently cleanses your skin and helps to preserve its natural moisture balance.


Formulated with lavender essential oils that soothes the senses with its calming aroma.  Meanwhile cedar and tonka notes bring warmth to the fragrance.


Key Ingredients:


LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL Also known as "blue gold", Lavender is an aromatic tribute to Provence. It is the fragrant soul of region. Lavender essential oil is particularly good for sensitive and irritated skin. Its serene fragrance is very efficient as an anti-stressor to regain relaxation and peace. Thanks to its specific action on the nervous system, it also helps to reduce anxiety, headaches and sleeplessness. Lavender helps to heal and balance the production of sebum and to improve the radiance of skin.


COCONUT OIL Queen of vegetal oils, coconut oil is 90% fatty acid, and contains vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. Cold pressed, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial virtues confers it protective and nourishing properties, and also helps against aging skin. 100% natural, it leaves the skin softened, hydrated and deeply nourished.



‐ 97% natural

‐ Glass bottle

‐ Vegan friendly

‐ Cruelty free

‐ Made in France

‐ 500ml

From the Provence region in Southern France comes the beautifully authentic creations of Panier des Sens.  Panier de Sens natural formulas benefit all skin types, and abide by a strict formulation charter, always giving precedent to vegetal and organic natural ingredients.