Image Medium - Decoupage & Image Transfer Paste

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Annie Sloan's Image Medium is water-based, fast drying, and builds up layers very quickly.


For fast and beautiful results, you can use it as an adhesive for decoupage or to transfer a printed or photocopied image directly onto a surface.


Easy to apply, this glue and varnish gives a beautifully smooth, matt finish.


Available in 120ml pot.




How to image transfer:



Cut out your image. For best results use laser printed images or photocopies.


Apply Annie Sloan Image Medium to front of your cut-out image and/or to the surface to which you will be applying the image. Place the image carefully face down onto the surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Allow to dry completely.


Using a wet finger or sponge, rub away the backing paper to reveal the image. Once dry, wax or lacquer to seal.




How to decoupage:



Cut out your image. Apply Annie Sloan Image Medium to the surface with a brush. Stick the cut-out paper onto the glue, image face up.


Apply approximately five further coats of Image Medium; each coat should be thinly and evenly applied and left to dry for 20-30 minutes before applying the next.



Wash brushes in water immediately after use.