French Mojito Syrup - Bacanha Sirop Brut de Mojito - 400ml

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The organic mojito syrup by Bacanha is a refreshing concentrate of the delicious Cuban cocktail.


The recipe of this organic syrup has been worked on for a long time to obtain a perfect balance between the freshness of mint and the acidity of citrus fruits. Its assertive flavour of mint and lime makes it the perfect combination to quench your thirst.


The mojito syrup is perfect to use in your cocktail recipes, iced teas, lemonades and simply with still or sparkling water. It can also be used in your favourite recipes for a virgin mojito.


The Bacanha range offers natural organic syrups concentrated in natural flavors and extracts and less sweet than a classic syrup (with pure organic cane sugar, which is tastier than beet sugar).


Made in France in an artisanal way, Bacanha syrups look particularly beautiful with their chic glass bottle


Ingredients: pure organic cane sugar, water, natural mint flavour, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavours.


400 mL 


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Bacanha syrups are handmade in France with natural aromas and extracts, and organic sugar cane syrup. A range of organic, slightly sweet and super tasty syrups.


You can use your Bacanha syrup for cocktails or mocktails, lattes, iced teas, with beer, lemonade… or simply water.