Fragonard Verveine Eau de Toilette - Verbena

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Harmonious and elegant, here’s a Fragonard Eau de Toilette you won’t want to do without, summer or winter! The lemon beebrush, grapefruit and aromatic litsea of the head notes rest on floral notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang, which blossom in the warm, sensual wake of the woody notes.


Fragonard celebrates Verveine - from its roots to its slender little flowers, Verveine or Verbena was considered to be a magic plant during antiquity.


French Willow is an official stockist of Fragonard in Australia.


Made in Grasse, France. 100ml


*The color of the eau de toilette may vary end change over time. 

Top notes: verbena, grapefruit
Heart notes: ylang ylang, jasmine, iris
Base note: cedarwood, patchouli, amber


About Fragonard


Established in 1926 and named after John-Honore Fragonard, the famous French painter born in the perfume capital of Grasse, the House of Fragonard encapsulates the history and essence of fine French fragrance. To this day the company remains family run.


Fragonard's collection of prestige perfumes are presented in luxurious bottles and artful, opulent packaging. Each fragrant creation captures that certain French style the world has come to admire, love and adore.

French Willow is an official Australian stockist of this renowned perfume brand, whose fragrances range from the classic to the contemporary.